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#Dinner: Mesquite Chicken Breast over baby kale, spinach, and broccoli straw tossed with my favorite homemade Açai BBQ Vinaigrette. Served with some sliced Bosc Pears. Nice follow up to #Fran. 21-15-9 Thrusters [42.5 kilos] and pull-ups. A benchmark in the #crossfit world. Finished 7:27. I’ll have to try this again after a weekend with less libations. Goal is sub five minutes one of these days. #eatcleantraindirty #nutrition #food #fitness #fitspo #beastmode (at Battleborn Crossfit)

Thank you, Universe. I am so humbled and grateful to have Balthazar found and back home with my family safely. Thank you for all your prayers and karma friends. Props to my sister, @janeb00 and my Auntie for finding him on the shelter website. #thankful #blessed

#Dinner: First Course: #DatuPuti based vegetable soup with cabbage and kale garnished with sliced capocollo, mortadella, and rosmarino. Hearty and sour, just like I like it. Second Course: Angus Ribeye(rare) over Asian greens, baby spinach, and baby kale. Follow up to a heavy WOD: 21-15-9 Deadlifts (100kilos) and Thrusters (50kilos). I’m gettin stronger but I never go fast enough to risk injury. Took 26:05 Better safe than sorry. A great meal and workout to keep positive and moving forward. #crossfit #mylifeinfood #delicious #filipino #food #fitness #eatcleantraindirty #nutrition #motivation #fitspo (at Battleborn Crossfit)

#Breakfast: T-bone (Rare) with freshly sliced avocado and organic sunny up eggs. Served alongside cottage cheese, sliced pears, and #Nuttzo seven nut & seed butter. Vitamin cocktail washed down with organic French pressed black coffee and a carrot juice almond milk protein shake with #MaxMuscle banana High-5 protein complex and Glutamatrix. A good breakfast can really set the mood for the day. Helps to stay #positive. #eatcleantraindirty #nutrition #mylifeinfood #food #fitness #crossfit #fitspo #eatclean #motivation (at The Beattie Bungalow)

My puppy Balthazar went missing last night in Virginia Beach and still hasn’t come back home. I feel helpless being here in Reno. I’ve been working out trying to distract myself but bad news always has a way of hitting hard. Please Universe, keep him in your graces.

#Dinner: T-bone steak on a bed of sautéed cabbage and tomatoes. It was juicy, savory, and delicious. Quite a nice finisher to the day after an interesting WOD. 3 rounds: 200m sled pull (20kilos then 30kilos then 40kilos) - 21 KB swings (24kilos) - 12 pull ups. Took me 19:44. I’ve never done sled pulls before but it’s definitely bound to get my legs tougher. Followed up with some calisthenics work. Trying to get enough strength for a lever and I can finally kick back and forth a few times without touching the ground. Whoop. #eatcleantraindirty #mylifeinfood #crossfit #fitness #fitspo #calisthenics #nutrition #beastmode #food (at Battleborn Crossfit)

#Dinner: Tajin grilled chicken over sautéed cabbage, mushrooms, and walnuts. Pretty simple but nutritious meal after a tough WOD. My real struggle of the day. I’m callin this workout the Sick(sic)6. For time - 6 rounds: 400m run - 6 squat cleans [60kilos]. Took me 28:49. I realized in about the third round my form on the squat cleans was wrong making it quit painful catching it in the hole. My arms were too wide and it was killing my triceps every rep. I pulled my arms in and finished stronger than I started. Always a nice feeling. #crossfit #eatcleantraindirty #mylifeinfood #beastmode #fitness #nutrition #fitspo #food #eatclean (at Battle Born CrossFit)

This is why I squat 😬👍. I’m trying to build my strength since breakin my leg so squats for days. Some GHDs for the hell of it. If anyone’s lookin to the right, I actually got my first ever ring handstand push-ups, however shaky they may be. I’ve been trying to get them since before I broke my leg a year ago. Talk about personal milestone. That twerkin up there in the middle? Always had that down, but if you know me, you knew dat. Owner even said I had free roam to #twerk on da platferms. #hadto Wut? Don’t see many crossfitters doin it like dat doe. Holla! That’s what I call #Fitne$$ #crossfit #traindirty #fitness #squat #booty (at Battleborn Crossfit)

Last night’s #dinner: AYCE Sushi. Ate til I I couldn’t move! Nothin like gettin full. Always a nice follow up to any workout. Got some new #Hylete gear in the mail so I had to try it out. Shorts are pretty nice and the Innov-8 shoes are really nice. Lighter than my Nanos and more suited for running WODs in comparison. The Nanos feel firmer with heavier lifts though. WOD was 100KB Swings - 50 Evil Wheels 100KB Cleans (50 each arm) - 50 4 count mountain climbers. Somehow the video cut off after the evil wheels so just threw in a selfie. #eatcleantraindirty #traindirty #crossfit #fitness #fitnessgear #mylifeinfood #workout #fitspo #happyhumblehungry #battleborn

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